Tirupati Hair Exports Blog http://www.tirupatihairexports.com/blog/ Latest Products Sat, 02 Mar 2024 06:19:50 +0530 en-us http://www.tirupatihairexports.com Raw Unprocessed Hair – 7 ways to perfectly maintain it http://www.tirupatihairexports.com/blog/raw-unprocessed-hair-7-ways-to-perfectly-maintain-it_8439.htm Thu, 19 Mar 2020 17:08:11 +0530 Raw unprocessed hair manufacturers collect original human hair and stitch it onto a weft. It offers minimum flaking you wear it regularly. Actually, it defines the quality and condition of the fibre. The cuticle layers are not altered chemically and thus it should be maintained by keeping roots and tips not to be run in opposite directions.Raw unprocessed hair: Unprocessed hair is usually natural looking and also feels natural, and it is of high quality. It retains dye colours, curls better when compared to processed hair, long-lasting than natural hair because its cuticles are efficient prevent the daily tear and wear and protects the fibre contents of hair. Even if hair extensions people use are natural hair but those are not based on the hair roots and thus unable to receive the same amount of nutrients when you oil your hair. The benefits of wearing raw unprocessed hair is like you are wearing your natural hair and thus it responds to the heat tools and other human hair products including hair dyes!How to maintain? Tips to follow - The trouble you face generally at the time of maintenance. So, how to maintain unprocessed hair extensions? Here are a few important tips for you. 1. Regular shampooing and conditioning: At the moment you place your orders for hair extensions at the raw unprocessed hair suppliers, prepare your mind that from now on get need to follow natural hair care regime. Yes, you need to do regular shampooing and conditioning the hair to maintain its quality. 2. Oil hair before and after wash: If you want to reap all the advantages of pre-shampooing, you need to oil your hair extensions at least 4 to 8 hours before you shampoo them. Try coconut oil or olive oil for better results. Also oil your hair extensions after shampoo to lock the moisture. 3. Comb hair whenever needed: You should comb your hair regularly or at least one or two times a day. Try to comb your unprocessed raw hair when they are wet or keep a spray bottle with you. Use wide tooth comb and brush gently on hair. 4. Detangle hair using your fingers: Detangling your unprocessed hair extensions using your own fingers is considered the best, especially if you use a protective style. This way you may ensure locking and matting into your raw hair. 5. Avoid dying to extend its survival: Well, though you can do anything with your human hair made extensions but to maintain its natural look and longevity, avoid using dye or artificial colour on them. It will keep the hair cuticles intact and tangle free. 6. Detangle your hair before and after sleep: Don’t go to bed with wet hair. It will tangle the hair and also can cause odour. Also, you should comb your hair at the morning and night. 7. Tie your hair to avoid shedding and detangling: Braid your hair or make a ponytail with it to avoid shedding or tangling. It will increase durability of your unprocessed raw hair and will keep it healthy looking. All the best! How to Take Care of Your Lace Hair Wig? http://www.tirupatihairexports.com/blog/how-to-take-care-of-your-lace-hair-wig_8614.htm Mon, 11 May 2020 17:51:44 +0530 Many people use different kinds of wigs for different reasons. One of the reasons is to choose various hairstyles. However, like your hair, your wig also needs to be maintained. Without any maintenance, the wig can get damaged very soon. But it is important to know what kind of wig you are using. Maintaining a synthetic hair wig is different from the maintenance of lace hair wig. Here are different ways through which you can keep your wig from getting damaged.Wash your Wig Once in Two Months Unlike your hair, you do not need a wig every week. You can wash your wigs once in one or two months. However, this depends on how much you are using the wig. While washing your wig make sure that you are using cold or mild water. Use a few drops of shampoo for your wig but make sure that you are not putting it on the scalp. Avoid rubbing the scalp or the hair like you do with your own hair. Make sure that you comb your hair while shampooing the wig so that they do not get tangled.Make Sure you Condition your WigConditioning your wig is as important as conditioning your own hair. This is to smoothen the hair of the wig. Once you have conditioned the wig, ensure that you comb the wig to avoid tangling of the wig. You can use your fingers or a wide teeth comb to comb your wig. However, you have to be careful that you do use conditioner on the base as it can loosen the knots of the hair at the base.Do not Use a Blow Dryer for your WigNo matter how high the quality of your wig may be, do not use a blow dryer to dry your wet wig. Squeeze the water from the wig and use a towel to dry it off. Also, avoid twisting the wig to drain out the water. Let it dry off naturally by keeping the wig in a ventilated place instead of keeping it under the sun.Comb your Wig as Many Times as you canCombing your wig is necessary to avoid it from getting tangled. So, make sure you comb your wig while washing it and after it has dried. Also, wigs need to be combed with a metal or steel comb with wide teeth. However, it depends on the style that the wig has for combing. For example, for a curly hair wig, you should use your fingers to comb it.Where to Buy Different Kinds of Wigs?There are different kinds of wigs that are available in the market. However, the best among them is lace wigs. There are many manufacturers of these lace wigs. You can contact a lace hair wig manufacturer to order your wigs in different styles.Most of the manufacturers of these wigs are also suppliers. Hence, you can choose a lace hair wig supplier, who offers a high-quality lace wig. You can also get quotes from them for bulk orders.